My Story

Hello my name is Kate Yates, I am a 37 years old, I have worked as a nurse for 17 years and i loved it. But the most common question I get asked is, why Kinesiology? Well the short version is… I was mauled by a dog 5 years ago and needed surgery, a skin graft and almost 12 months off work. Yeah it was horrible! Not so much the dog bite but, the realisation I needed to change my life? While I was in Perth healing from surgery I got in touch with my Kinesiology roots & that’s when the journey began.



So how did I get into Kinesiology?

Kinesiology has been in my life for over 10 years. It originally helped me with my anxiety and depression and I've always been very fascinated by this so called 'magic' of kinesiology (no magic is involved) that I considered studying it way back then.  

I have struggled with severe psoriatic arthritis since 19 years old. I was physically and painfully limited at an age where my friends camped, hiked, water skied and enjoyed life. My physical pain varied from 2 out of 10 to 8 out of 10 on a daily basis. I was fatigued from the constant pain and the underlying (denial) depression. Then at 21 years young I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I was living with multiple chronic illnesses and juggling, 'which one is the most important for that day?'

I was introduced to Kinesiology through a very good friend of mine. My world consisted of;  Pain… diabetes… depression… pain… diabetes… stress. Now when I look back, Kinesiology helped more with my deep underlying (denial) depression-anxiety. This was the first time ever that I was able to come off of my anti-depressants... Yippee!! It was like boot camp, but harder.

While studying and participating in Kinesiology for 3 years, I worked through my physical pain from my arthritis. I was on 11 tablets/medications daily just to get me out of bed and function life as human being. I am super proud to say I am now I only take 1 tablet/medication daily. I do take natural supplements for my pain relief, and please don’t get me wrong, I still have occasional flare ups, but they are nothing like before. And nothing a Kinesiology 'maintenance session' couldn’t fix!


As your Kinesiologist, I can help you with my honesty and realistic ‘outsider’ view of your health and issues. Here are the reasons why I am the best Kinesiologist for you:

  • I have personal experience and medical knowledge due my nursing background
  • I set very clear Short Term maintenance and Long Term maintenance exercises
  • I am empathetic to you as an individual
  • I will be very clear about your individual outcomes
  • I don’t claim to know everything, but I will always try to find what is best for you
  • I encourage the integration of all health modalities - medical and complimentary health

Why I love working with people as a Kinesiologist

  • I genuinely love listening to people’s stories
  • I proudly offer my clients the time needed to find the “WHY?” to your issues
  • I understand what it is like to have tried everything and still feel like you have no answers… I’m happy to be your last resort
  • I enjoy a challenge
  • I get a real kick when my clients achieve their desired outcomes
  • I only care about the individual’s needs and wants

How I work as a Kinesiologist

I follow my business core values in every decision I make about my business. This is very important to me.

My Core Values:


Open communication so we each understand our responsibilities


Working with your values as the client to accomplish your goals


Knowing the value of my service


My services are built on confidentiality


Honouring my professional responsibilities and delivering on what I say


I provide a friendly optimistic and open transformation


I confidently provide individual care plans and happily review my client’s progress.

My clients have 100% input into their journey.

I love feedback! I cannot grow as a person and a business without client feedback… So please give it to me!

Registered Kinesiologist Kate Yates Diplomas


The Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS) 

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O'Neill Kinesiology College

I travelled to Perth for 3 years to complete my Advanced Diploma in Kinesiology and… Phew! Yes it was a huge commitment, but well worth it. O’Neill Kinesiology College provided structured, professional and up to date education.

Contact O'Neill Kinesiology College:

Ph: (08) 9330 7443


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If you don't find a day/time to suit you - please call me on 0402 559 486